Lose Weight Without Going On A Diet

Most people struggle with losing weight because they focus on counting calories, counting points or buying special foods. The TLS Weight Loss Solutions Program, brought to you by JanaCurrie Wellness, includes none of that. TLS Weight Loss Solutions Program is a 12-week program based on science and is designed to provide everything you need to lose weight and keep the weight off for a lifetime! This program is for you if you:

  • Have tried everything to lose weight
  • Don’t want to purchase special food
  • Don’t want to measure and weigh food
  • Want lasting change
  • Want to see results

Client Testimonial

“I’ve never been on a program that has been so easy to stay on. The weight has just fallen off of me. This is a fabulous diet, or better yet, a lifestyle change.”     — Theresa H.


Eat real food and lose weight

TLS Weight Loss Solutions is a low-glycemic way of eating that is centered on high fiber, low sugar and real—not processed—foods.

Why does this program work when others fail?

  • No measuring or weighing food
  • No food cravings
  • No demanding exercise program
  • No calories or points to count
  • Never hungry
  • Easy to stay on track

This is not a fad diet, but a nutritious new way of eating that will change your life. On average participants lose 16 lbs. and 13 inches during the 12-week program

What you’ll receive in the TLS Program

  • A sustainable, nutritionally balanced eating plan.
  • Clear and concise information that will change how you think about food and about weight loss.
  • Weekly meetings for support and accountability.
  • A complete A to Z weight loss guide and journal.
  • Subscription to the TLS website with interactive meal planning and tracking, hundreds of recipes, 3-D exercise videos, plus articles and tips to keep you focused: tlsslim.com
  • Meetings with JanaCurrie Wellness that provide information, support and accountability.

Some of the topics covered in our meetings

  • Why counting calories isn’t necessary to lose weight.
  • Which foods kill your metabolism.
  • How eating fat will help you lose weight.
  • How to decipher food labels to choose the best food for you.
  • What type of exercise will accelerate your weight loss.

Upcoming 12-Week Weight Loss Group
Where: Stretch Physical Therapy and Total Wellness, 4851 Wunnenberg Way, West Chester
When: FREE Information Clinic Monday, January 19, 2015, 7:30-8:30pm
Classes begin Monday, January 26, 2015

FREE! Jump Start Your Weight Loss Kit when you register by January 12, 2015
Call today to register for the Free Clinic—513-235-5637.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is a perfect option for people who are tired of failure and want individualized and personal attention to achieve lasting results. JanaCurrie Wellness has the knowledge and expertise to help people effectively and safely achieve their weight loss goals—with statistics to prove it!
On average, participants lose 16 pounds and 13 inches during the 12-week program.
You will receive a nutritious eating plan based on the latest in weight loss research. We will meet weekly to assess your progress and address any obstacles you may be facing. You will learn how to tap into your strengths to achieve the health and body you truly want.

Contact JanaCurrie Wellness for more information on individual coaching packages.


Corporate Programs

Studies show that 87% of health care claims are due to individual lifestyle habits. * Wellness and weight loss coaching is an investment in a company’s most important asset, its employees. With support and guidance employees can change the high-risk behaviors that impact their health and productivity….and the company’s bottom line.

The Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization recommend companies incorporate weight management into their worksite wellness and health promotion programs.**
Our weight loss program is based on the latest research causes of weight gain and how it can be prevented. We use materials from leading experts such as Dr. Robert Lustig, Dr. Richard Cohen and Dr. Richard Johnson.
Contact us to learn how to bring on-site weight management classes to your work place.
* Source: Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne (IPFW) Study, 2006
**Harvard School of Public Health


Client Testimonial
“Before the program I HATED getting up in the morning and not knowing what I was going to wear. I hated how I looked and felt. Since starting the TLS, I am down 20.8 lbs. and LOVE getting up in the morning and looking good in my clothes. I would recommend this program to all who want to get healthy and stay healthy. Thanks again Jana!!” — Hilda O.

It’s hard to recall my mindset from 12 weeks ago when I started with Jana. I vaguely remember thinking, ‘This is not going to work….I won’t be able to do this.’ But to my delight, I was wrong! Eating better became enjoyable and easy, and I noticed that if I did eat something unhealthy, I wasn’t actually satisfied. Having Jana as my accountability partner was a key part of my success, and it feels great to be able to say, ‘I choose to eat this’, or ‘I choose not to eat that.’ Also, people telling me I look great doesn’t hurt either. Thanks Jana! Heather W.