2 People Fitness Walking         You are one month into your New Year’s resolution to work out more often, and you’re already bored and finding more excuses than reasons to exercise. What do you do?

Sometimes small changes will go a long way to reignite interest and provide motivation.

1.    Add variety. Your body is designed to adapt quickly to the specific exercises you do. For that reason, changing your workout routine periodically will not only benefit you mentally, but physically as well. Doing the same workout over and over will limit your overall fitness and may lead to injury due to overuse of certain muscles.

If your normal routine is to walk on the treadmill, try switching to an elliptical trainer or stationary bike for a few weeks. Pick certain days to focus on strength training instead of your usual cardio workout, or vice versa.

Group exercises classes are another great option. Zumba, circuit training, cycling, yoga and Pilates—each of these workouts will challenge your body in a new way. The lively music and interaction with other participants may provide that extra motivation you need to get to the gym.

2.    Change the scenery. Take your workouts outside. Walking, running, or cycling outdoors can energize and revitalize you in a way being at a gym cannot. Being outdoors has been shown to clear the mind and increase our sense of well-being.

An added benefit of exercising outdoors is that you tend to work out longer. When you are distracted by your environment, you are less aware of the effort. This is why an hour hiking through the woods is much more enjoyable than an hour walking on a treadmill.

 3.    Get a friend involved. Like exercising outside, working out with a buddy will make the time pass more quickly. Plus there’s the added benefit of extra accountability. You’re less likely to hit the snooze button if you know someone is waiting for you. Having a workout partner will also help limit the negative self-talk. Seeing someone similar to you complete a physical activity will strengthen your belief in your own abilities.

4.    Set a fitness goal. Start with a 5K, which is just 3.1 miles. You may think you need to be a serious athlete to participate in races, but that’s definitely not the case. People of all ages and sizes come out for these events. You can walk, run or do a combination. Find an event about 6 to 8 weeks away. Write it on your calendar and use it as motivation to be consistent with your workouts. Get your friend involved too!

Remember, being physically active improves the length and the quality of your life. So keep on moving!